Best Ski Resorts in Europe (Top 10 European ski resorts)

Best ski resorts in Europe

Traveling the world is every pow-hunter’s dream. Knowing that Europe is one of the most sought-after locations, we have put together the best ski resorts for your next Europe trip.

Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France, and Austria all feature some of the most stunning scenery and slopes you can ask for, but they also each have their own individual flavor. From booming nightlife to paragliding and igloo suites, this article gives us a little taste of what hopping on a plane and traveling Europe can offer.

10 Best ski resorts in Europe

1. Zermatt (Switzerland)

Zermatt (Switzerland) - Best ski resorts in Europe

Zermatt in Switzerland is an iconic and one of the best ski resorts destination in Europe that features the legendary Matterhorn. It is known as the highest winter sports area in the alps.

With a mesmerizing backdrop and landscape, it has perfect scenery for skiing. Another highlight in Zermatt is the Matterhorn glacier ride. It’s known as the highest 3S cableway ride in the world and lifts up to 2000 skiers for an hour at a time.

2. Zugspitze (Germany)

Zugspitze (Germany) - Best ski resorts in Europe

Zugspitze in Germany soars over 3000 meters and is the sovereign state’s highest mountain. It’s a hot spot among skiers because of a Bavaria town called Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

You can ski on a glacier that rises up to 2700 meters above sea level. Beginner skiers are also welcome here and may ski among the several trails inside the Garmisch classic ski zone.

Hardcore skiers may head to the Kandahar downhill where the 1936 winter Olympics took place.

3. Val Gardena (Italy)

Val Gardena (Italy) - Best ski resorts in Europe

If you’re looking for the best ski resorts and a more low-key skiing experience Val Gardena in Italy is a perfect choice. It has 160 kilometers of trails that have a linking pathway to other paradises including Gruppo del Sella which connects the Marmolada glacier.

Any level of skier can try the skiing zone of Val Gardena. Two-thirds of it are for hardcore skiers while the remaining areas are for beginners.

4. Kitzbuhel (Austria)

Kitzbuhel (Austria) - Best ski resorts in Europe

Kitzbuhel in Austria is one of the few ski areas that can accommodate both upscale and budget explorers. With deluxe lodgings and cozy family-run inns, you can easily manage your budget on this skiing adventure.

The ski zones surrounding Kitzbuhel are a paradise. The Hahnenkamm is said to have the most renowned and daring downhill terrain. You can even ski on a vertical hill with a steepness of up to 85 percent.

5. Courmayeur (Italy)

Courmayeur (Italy) - Best ski resorts in Europe

Whether you’re a novice or not you are free to ski in Courmayeur Italy. There is a cable car ride called Funivie Monte Bianco that will lift you up to see the phenomenal views of Europe.

An epic 20-kilometer network of cross-country trails awaits starting in Val Ferret towards the outside section of Courmayeur.

6. Chamonix (France)

Chamonix (France) - Best ski resorts in Europe

Chamonix in France has earned international popularity for being the venue of the first winter Olympics. It houses some of the most intensive terrains in the world and its slopes have the world’s greatest height differential at Grands Montets.

There is also the Verte piste that spans 3.5 kilometers with steeps and jumps and is part of the world cup races. There is even a 4807m peak known to be Europe’s tallest pearl.

7. Cortina d’Ampezzo (Italy)

Cortina d'Ampezzo (Italy) - Best ski resorts in Europe

This place is a UNESCO recognized site that highlights the Italian dolomites and five ragged peaks of the Cinque Torri.

Cortina d’Ampezo in Italy was one of the winter Olympics venues in 1956 and people from all over the world come to ski there, novice is included. There is downhill skiing, a bobsled run, and stellar sightseeing surrounding cortina.

8. Courchevel (France)

Courchevel (France)

Courchevel in France is a prominent ski resort destination in Europe. It has interconnected ski areas, four glaciers, and alpine runs. It is among the top favorite ski zones of professional skiers as it has lots of astonishing moguls studded steeps, coolers, off-piste terrain, and even tree skiing.

Novice skiers can also enjoy the activities on the site’s terrain intended for newbies.

9. St. Anton am Arlberg (Austria)

St. Anton am Arlberg (Austria)

This ski sanctuary is a paradise for thrillers. St. Anton am Arlberg in Austria has an extreme ski arena that spans over 10 kilometers and has a soaring height of 1347 meters.

The paradise also showcases its 2000 off-piste options exclusive for adventurous skiers. Guides are also available at Schindler car.

10. Grindelwald-Wengen and the Jungfrau (Switzerland)

Grindelwald-Wengen and the Jungfrau (Switzerland)

This undefeatable ski paradise highlights 400 meter plus peaks and grand long runs. Grindelwald-Wengen and the Jungfrau in Switzerland has been the site for the
annual inferno race the biggest amateur ski competition in the world.

There are dozens of cable cars that lift explorers up to the peak to appreciate the beauty of the alpine town of Wengen and enjoy the thrill of the Grindelwald first superpipe.

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Europe’s legendary winter landmarks such as the alps and dolomites are real-life treasures. Their postcard-like scenery gives a dazzling wonder to the sights. Which of these best ski resorts in Europe would you traverse? Comment below, we’re excited to hear which ones. Thanks for reading travelers. Happy Travelling!

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