Best stretches to do in the morning [3 Simple Exercises]

best stretches to do in the morning

3 of the best stretches to do in the morning every day for flexibility and function. This daily stretching routine will help improve mobility in your spine, hips, and shoulders and decrease pain in your neck and back. These are the best stretches that I perform every day to improve my range of motion, mobility, and function!

Stretching may not be the most exciting part of working out. Holding a specific position for a certain amount of time can be boring and painful at the same time.

If you never liked stretching in the first place or if you want to try something new we suggest the following three exercises. These exercises are a mix of mobility and flexibility.

So instead of only holding a position, you add active and dynamic elements. This can be as effective as if not even more effective than normal static stretching.

3 Best stretches to do in the morning

1. Shoulder-Squat stretches to do in the morning

Shoulder-Squat stretches to do in the morning

The first one is the shoulder and squat. Stretch in this combination exercise, you switch between two movements. You start with the overhead squat and hold it for five seconds.

After that, you do the forward bend shoulder stretch, again for five seconds. Repeat this three to five times until you continue with the next exercise.

Now when it comes to the execution you should know that you can adapt these exercises easily to your level. When you do the squat and reach, only go that deep that you can do it with straight arms, a straight spine, and the correct foot, knee, and hip position.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t go that deep. An overhead squat is much harder than a regular one so just work with the current range of motion while maintaining the proper form.

When it comes to the forward bend shoulder stretch you should extend your arms and keep them externally rotated. For the spine and knee positions, there are different possibilities.

benefits of doing Shoulder-Squat stretches in the morning

Here we chose the version with the rounded spine and slightly bent knees because it’s a good mix of hamstring flexibility and spine mobility.

If you got problems putting your hands together you can use a band or something similar to make it easier in terms of shoulder mobility. In addition, you can also make it easier by decreasing the range of motion in your spine, shoulders, and hips.

The combination of those movements is great to work on your shoulder mobility for flexion as well as extension. It will also increase your hip and ankle mobility while stretching your hamstrings.

2. Alternating Camel Stretch to do every morning

Alternating Camel Stretch

The second stretch is the alternating camel stretch to do every morning. Begin by kneeling upright with your knees hip wide apart. From there you bring your right hand to your right heel while you reach with the other arm behind your back as far as possible.

At the same time, you push your hips forward and extend your spine. Hold this position for five seconds until you do the same with the opposite side. Repeat both sides three to five times until you continue with the last stretch.

The camel stretch is great to work on your shoulder flexion as well as shoulder and spine extension while mainly stretching your hip flexors, abs, and chest.

If you got lower back problems or already have some injuries like a herniated disc you should be very careful with this exercise.

If the camel stretch position feels uncomfortable for your knees you can put something soft below them like a towel for example.

3. Lunge stance side bend

Lunge stance side bend

The last exercise or stretch is the Lunge stance side bend. You start by taking a step back with one foot and descend into a deep lunge. After that, you raise your opposite arm above your head and start bending your torso to the side of the bent leg.

Hold this position for five seconds, get back to the regular stance and do the same thing with the other side. Repeat this three to five times with both sides.

If you are a beginner you can adapt this exercise easily to your level by changing the length of your lunge stance and how far you bend your torso to the sides.

The longer the step the more intense to stretch for your hip flexors.

The Lunge stance side bend is great to work on the lateral flexion of your spine and improve your hip mobility by stretching your hip flexors.

do all three stretches in the morning after each other

Alright, guys if you do all three stretches in the morning after each other you will need less than five minutes to finish it.

This short routine of stretches is perfect to start your day but of course, you could also use it before you go to bed or even as a cool-down right after your workout. If you like this routine please share it with your friends and family. If you have any further questions just leave a comment. Happy Exercising!

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