Top 10 Destinations to see wildlife (Best Wildlife Places)

Top 10 places to see wildlife

There are not many travel experiences that are more rewarding than encountering a wild animal up close in its natural habitat. Whether it’s a tiger, whale, penguins, or Orangutans, it’s all about observing the animal in its daily routine and being briefly absorbed into its world. In this article, we are going to share the 10 best places to see wildlife in the world.

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Top 10 Places to See Wildlife

1. Discover the Epic Wilderness of the Frozen Continent of Antarctica

Discover the Epic Wilderness of the Frozen Continent of Antarctica

Everything around in this legendary paradise is untouched, unspoiled, and undiscovered and no one owns it. However this nation is not that empty, it serves as the home of penguins, seals, whales, and albatrosses.

If you would like to experience the legendary world of Antarctica be sure you are well informed about the mode of transportation to this icy land.

If you want to have in-depth learning bout life in this paradise there are small ships that take explorers for onboard lecture sessions headed by experts including biologists, geologists, conservationists, and marine scientists.

2. Watch Orangutans in Borneo

Watch Orangutans in Borneo

Watching orangutans is known to be a popular wildlife encounter among explorers. One of the famous places to see orangutans is in Borneo.

However due to the widespread deforestation to make way for the building of palm oil plantations their habitat has been greatly affected. Making their population suffer an extensive decrease in number. This is a good enough reason for orangutans to be counted as endangered species.

There are environmental organizations, advocacies, and campaign drives, and promoting responsible tourism has been widely pushed across the globe.

This makes wildlife havens abide by the environmental law about proper rehabilitation of animals especially the number of endangered ones.

3. Ride a Train in Southern Africa

Ride a Train in Southern Africa

In southern Africa, there is a grand rail ride where explorers can encounter something fantastical. The Rovos Rail is a famous train in Africa. Travelers who get onboard have the opportunity to feel the wonder of the rail’s golden age as it passes through Botswana, Zimbabwe, and South Africa.

You can see oddball baobab trees, desert swaths, and national parks where lions, leopards, buffalo, and herds of antelope can be spotted, you will also get gourmet dining and classy drinks that are included with your ride.

Other captivating attractions that you will see along the way are the Chobe national park in Botswana widely recognized as the elephant park of South Africa and zimbabwe’s Hwange where you can get closer to its remarkable wonder.

4. Bear Watch in British Columbia, Canada

Bear Watch in British Columbia, Canada (Wildlife Places)

British Columbia’s astounding glacier cave fjords are incredibly abundant in wildlife. One of the best thrilling activities to do while in the wild is bear watching. For a perfect place for that check out the great bear rainforest.

This haven is popularly known to be the habitat of the grizzly bear, black bear, orca, humpback, eagle, and the phenomenal spirit bear. As you go into the deeper part of the thick forest you can find glorious lodges that offer perfect bear watching opportunities.

With their exclusive built bear platforms and stunning coves that serve as the home of the bear favorites mussels and salmon, you can watch the bears.

Travelers may also go on boat rides, go kayaking and go on the beautifully guided nature pathway.

5. Wanderlust in the Safari of Botswana

Wanderlust in the Safari of Botswana (Wildlife Places)

Picking Botswana as your next getaway destination you can spend time at the safari. Highlighting the astonishing green floodplains of Okavango and the interesting elephant dotted Ragalahari you can see the most splendid landscapes.

Other exciting features of the safari in this nation are the rhinos and big cats. There are also indigenous tribes where you can learn and appreciate the culture.

You may also get the chance to reward yourself at a soothing spa, doze off at the campaign-furnished lodges or take a relaxing dip in the overlooking pools on the wildlife reserves.

6. Have an Oddball Luxury Cruise in the Galapagos Islands

Have an Oddball Luxury Cruise in the Galapagos Islands (Wildlife Places)

A rare, extraordinary, and peculiar paradise this particular site is a famous place among travelers. The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are truly a perfect hub for those who seek awe-inspiring views of wildlife.

There is an extravagant yacht and impressive lodge plus you can witness some of the most bizarre paradises in the world, there are things you can only see in these islands and nowhere else on earth like marine iguanas and giant tortoises.

There is also a huge array of exploration opportunities and other spectacular wildlife in the Galapagos.

7. Have a Face-To-Face Interaction with Tigers and the Lush Jungles of India

Have a Face-To-Face Interaction with Tigers and the Lush Jungles of India (Wildlife Places)

You can have an ultimate wildlife encounter with a tiger, the king of the jungle, where you have a close interaction for the right place to experience this thrill of the wild, a quick trip to India might be the perfect match.

For over four years the population of tigers in India has had an impressive increase of over 33 percent which serves as a good sign that their natural habitat is well preserved and protected from environmental harm.

8. Take a Highway Trip Along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia

Take a Highway Trip Along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia (Wildlife Places)

When you feel like hitting the road and enjoying the fascinating views around, having a highway-bound journey can be a great way to do so.

In Namibia, the dramatic landscapes are truly exceptional. It has dazzling rust orange swirls and fascinating wildlife dotted national parks.

If you want to spot leopards, track rhinos, catch giant African elephants that wander on the sand dunes of Atocha national park, hunt the epic remains that can be found at the skeleton coast, and witness the adorable adapted desert lions right on Tomorrowland’s stunning rocks, then choose Namibia to be your next road trip destination.

9. See the Legendary Migration of Wildebeest in Tanzania

See the Legendary Migration of Wildebeest in Tanzania (Wildlife Places)

The most epic migration is the wildebeest migration. This particular animal species meet in one place and prepares for migration then travels to another destination where they can get a supply of food.

This natural phenomenon only happens in the wild. A large group of wildebeests crosses the plains that come from Serengeti in Tanzania all the way to the haven of Maasai Mara in Kenya.

10. Track Gorillas in Rwanda

Track Gorillas in Rwanda (Wildlife Places)

Often described as the top life-changing wildlife experience you could track gorillas in Rwanda. This kind of activity is common for people’s must-do things before they die. It may be because of the gorilla’s fascinating and breathtaking size or it may be their unexpected general character.

Explorers are properly guided by experts so they can stay vigilant and aware of their actions once they step close to gorillas. As you track you also have the chance to see its closest ancestor, the chimpanzee, and 300 species of flying creatures.

Wildlife tourists places have started to trend and there are a lot of gorgeous places for wildlife encounters. You can witness natural occurrences that only happen in the wild.

Which of these great wildlife places would you look forward to? Comment below, we’re excited to hear which ones.

Thanks for reading travelers. Happy traveling!

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