8 Best home workouts to build muscle [Without Weights]

build muscle at home

In this article, I’m gonna be showing you how to build muscle and burn fat at the same time right from home with this home workout. Now, to help us build more muscle, we’re gonna be using high reps to help us reach hypertrophy. Reaching hypertrophy will help us tear more muscle fibers, allowing them to repair back thicker and stronger. Giving us more muscle mass.

And to help us burn more fat, we’re gonna be adding exercises into this workout routine that are very effective at burning fat, and we’re gonna be using high-intensity interval training. Which is a lot more effective at burning calories than steady-state cardio.

And lastly, we’ll be using compound exercises to build muscles and burn fat at the same time. And the more muscles recruited for an exercise, the heavier of an overload or resistance can be used. Helping you to build more muscle.

Compound exercises also target fast-twitch muscle fibers, and targeting the fast-twitch muscle fibers will build size and burn fat since these muscles have a high metabolic demand. And of course, nutrition plays an important role as well. Making sure that you’re getting enough protein to ensure muscle growth and having a caloric deficit, meaning that you need to burn more calories than you consume.

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So with the proper nutrition and this workout routine, we’re gonna be burning fat and building muscle at the same time. This is gonna be a full-body workout that requires no equipment. Perfect for doing right at home or pretty much anywhere.

And to incorporate high intensity, we’re gonna be doing each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15-second break in-between. And because we’re doing each exercise for 45 seconds, we’re gonna be pushing ourselves to do more reps than we’re used to. Ensuring that we reach hypertrophy, getting us stronger, and building more muscle.

8 best exercises to build muscle at home

1. Push ups for 45 seconds

Push ups for 45 seconds

Let’s go ahead and get into a push up position. You wanna be straight from your heel to your shoulder. Come all the way down. All the way back up.

You wanna make sure to regulate your breathing. In through your nose. Out through your mouth.

Make sure you’re not breathing too hard so you don’t gas yourself out. Of course, if this is getting too difficult, you could always try doing your push ups on an elevated surface or take a second to stop and catch your breathe, then keep on going.

Last five seconds, five, four, three, two, one.

All right, first exercise down. Now the next exercise we’re gonna be getting into is gonna be burpees.

2. Burpees exercise for burning fat and building muscle

Burpees exercise for burning fat and building muscle

This is a full-body compound exercise, it’s one of my favorite exercises for simultaneously burning fat and building muscle. So we’re gonna get right into to.

You can start off, if you’re a beginner, just jumping out and standing up. You’re gonna add the push up into it or you can add the jump altogether. And of course, you can jump high.

Choose the one that works for you, keep it moving. If you’re feeling fatigued, you can also do an easier progression.

The last five seconds, five, four, three, two, one. Alright, keeping up the intensity. This next exercise we gonna we get into is gonna be alternating lunges

3. Alternating lunges exercise to build leg muscle

Alternating lunges exercise to build leg muscle

Great for your legs and less intense than the burpees, allowing you to catch your breath. So let’s go ahead and get into position.

Take a lunge forward then you alternate. Focus on your breathing.

The next exercise is gonna be a bit more intense, we’re gonna keep up the high intensity. So use this exercise as a bit of active rest, but of course, you wanna focus on contraction with each lunge.

Squeeze your legs, squeeze your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. You got the last five seconds, five, four, three, two, one. Alright, 15-second break. Take a second to catch your breath.

The next exercise we’re gonna get into is gonna be jump squats, open and closed.

4. Jump Squats, open and closed exercise

Jump Squats, open and closed exercise

So let’s go ahead, get into position. You wanna go at your own pace. Jump in, squat, jump out, squat.

If you have trouble with your knees of course you can do a little jump or you can even step out and go down. And of course, if you can increase the intensity, wanna exploit as much as you can.

Regulate your breathing. Make sure you’re not gasing yourself out.

Here we go with the last couple reps. Five, four, three, two, one. All right, there we have it.

Now we’re gonna move on, emphasizing on our core with a jackknife.

5. Jackknife exercise to strengthen the upper and lower abdominal muscles

Jackknife exercise to strengthen the upper and lower abdominal muscles

So let’s bring it down to the ground and lay in position. We’re gonna have our hands over our head, feet pointed out, six inches off the ground, we’re gonna come up, touch your toes come back, 45 seconds, go at your own pace.

If You can’t go that high, just go as high as you can, come back down, and eventually, you’ll be able to go higher and touch your toes.

All right, last five seconds. Five four, three, two, one.

Now we’re gonna move into the next exercise.

6. Bicycles exercise for six-pack

Bicycles exercise for six-pack

Great for sculpting your six-pack and burning fat. We’re gonna get into bicycles for 45 seconds. So let’s go ahead.

Get down into position. You wanna bring elbow to the knee and alternate. So now for this exercise, you just wanna pace yourself while using the full range of motion and squeezing your core.

Of course, if you need to slow down, go ahead and slow down. We’re really trying not to stop. You wanna keep the high intensity up to make sure that you’re burning as many calories as possible.

Let’s get into the last five seconds. Here we go, five, four, three, two, and one.

All right, we’re now ready to get into the last two exercises, which will emphasize mainly on our shoulders.

We’re gonna get into pike push ups.

7. Pike push ups exercise to build shoulders muscle

Pike push ups exercise to build shoulders muscle

So let’s get into the pike position. Get completely stacked in this positions go down, up 45 seconds.

Hang in there, we’re almost done. Let’s get to the last couple of reps. Five, four, three, two, one.

All right, I’m already starting to break a sweat. This is pretty intense. We’re getting into the last exercise. Great for your shoulders and great to end this routine. We’re gonna add some mountain climbers.

8. Mountain climbers exercise to build muscle

Mountain climbers exercise to build muscle

So let’s get into a pushup position and bring your knee up, alternate, bring the other knee up. There’s the last exercise. So I want you to give it everything you got.

Try to be as intense as you can, but of course, if you’re feeling fatigued, go ahead and slow down, but do not stop. Let’s go for it.

Here we go with the last couple of reps, everything you got, five, four, three, two. There, we have it, the last exercise to end this routine, completing this full-body workout that burns fat and helps to build muscle at the same time.

Not only am I pumped, but I’m also drenched in sweat and it was only eight minutes as round one.

So if you’re able to get this far, congratulations, that’s a great start and you’re on your way to burning fat and building muscle, getting you the physique you’ve always wanted. And the more you do this routine and train like this, you’re gonna get better.

You’ll eventually be able to do multiple rounds and to benefit the most from this routine, you wanna be able to do it at least three rounds total.

So if you have more energy and strength left, go ahead and run it back. And if you don’t try again later on through this week, and you’re definitely gonna see a major improvement and you’re gonna be going a lot harder, a lot further.

So if you enjoyed the workout and you enjoyed the article, then leave a comment down below, what you liked the most in this article. Make sure to share this video with a friend that’s trying to burn fat and simultaneously build muscle.

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