How to Grow Avocado in India [step by step guide]

grow avocado in water

Hello Friends! The next time you are slicing an avocado fruit or the butter fruit, Never throw away your avocado seed. You can grow an avocado tree out of this seed!

In this article I am gonna demonstrate an experiment I conducted using 3 AVOCADO seeds and will show you the fastest methods to grow avocado from seed with the results of the experiment. So keep reading the article till the end.

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Steps to grow avocado from seed

extract avocado seed

Step 1: The First Step you should take is: CAREFULLY EXTRACT THE AVOCADO SEED from the Butter Fruit BY SLICING THE FRUIT carefully. Remove the seed with the peel and wash off any avocado fruit.

Here In this process, I am utilizing 3 seeds in various situations.

peeling off the outer thin brown layer from the avocado seed

The First ONE by peeling off the outer thin brown layer from the avocado seed and I will be growing this in water and applying a few hacks on the container to make it the quickest process for growing AVOCADO in water.

The SECOND seed, without removing the peel(skin) and again growing in water

The SECOND seed, without removing the peel(skin) and again growing in water

The THIRD seed, removing the peel and growing in soil, here really I utilized two seeds.

The THIRD seed, removing the peel and growing in soil, here really I utilized two seeds.

Well: Before beginning to grow these seeds, one essential information you should know is WHICH PORTION SPROUTS THE STEM AND WHICH PORTION ROOTS.

avocado seed examine

Step 2: Examine the seed carefully, the pointed part sends our shoots and subsequently, it must face upwards and the flat portion must be immersed in soil or water.

Step 3: To grow in water, I have utilized a similar method utilized by most specialists, that is by utilizing 3 toothpicks and pricking them to the seed and suspending the seed in water and spot the glass on any window ledge away from direct daylight.

3 toothpicks method

Ensure you reliably keep the seed immersed in water, at least 50% of the AVOCADO seed ought to be in the water.

The container I am gonna use it for applying some hacks to make It sprout faster.

The other two I will keep as controls, that is one without peeling the external layer and one set is planted into the soil.


AFTER THIS HACK, I will uncover the outcomes of the experiment demonstrating you the aftereffects of all these 3 seeds.

Thus, essentially what I have done is, I have reliably completed 2 things to this container.

Changed water each week

1. Changed water each week to avoid water contamination and fungal and bacterial growth on the seed. This you will acknowledge as the seed gets more seasoned.

Dropped 1/4th of an ASPIRIN TABLET to grow avocado fast

2. Dropped 1/4th of an ASPIRIN TABLET at whatever point I change the water in the container, that is starting from day 1 onwards.

The tablet Aspirin or Disprin 350 mg is effectively accessible and contains acetylsalicylic acid which is an extraordinary anti-inflammatory, antifungal medication and furthermore has rooting properties.

All things considered, Now Finally, Showing the RESULTS OF THIS EXPERIMENT: Normally the avocado seed takes around 60 days to grow.

40 day results on how to grow avocado

But here, you will be surprised to see the results, I am showing on the DAY 40, that is 20 days early.

3 results of avocado

So, here you are seeing three results:

  1. Without peeling the external layer, there is no indication of sprouting or rooting by any means. So this isn’t the best technique and this seed may develop, maybe late.
  2. Okay, now the seed is grown in soil. You can see, it has shown some good results, you can see the shoot has started to about an inch upwards, but when I checked the roots under the soil, there is no sign of root development yet.
  3. Now Finally Our Aspirin one container, you can see a good shoot to about 2 inches and also the root development has started.
using aspirin

You can wait for another 2 weeks and then transplant them in a pot or ground.

So, there we have it, folks, that was an interesting experiment revealing the fastest method of growing avocado tree from seed in water using our Aspirin hack.

Must-Know Avocado Tips

Here are my top four tips to make your avocado picking and prepping a total breeze – and they come straight from an avocado farmer.

1) To identify a ripe avocado at the store, do not pick off that little stem to see the color underneath. This is a myth.

The color won’t actually tell you the level of ripeness, but what will happen is that the flesh just underneath will ripen faster than the rest of the avocado. So when you do go to open it that part might be brown.

The only way to determine ripeness is to just give it a gentle squeeze. If it just gives, it’s ready; if it’s soft and mushy, it’s overripe.

2) Do not refrigerate your avocado unless it’s already cut open.

This fruit is unlike any other fruit in your kitchen. It doesn’t depend on sugars to ripen, it depends on oils.

So think about how you buy olive oil or even olives in your supermarket: they’re not stored in any refrigerated section because the cold can affect flavor and it definitely affects texture.

Think about olive oil in a refrigerator: it kind of starts to solidify. So if you want a buttery delicious avocado, you want that at room temperature.

3) Do not scoop out the flesh.

The best way to remove flesh without leaving any precious bits behind is to peel, not scoop.

After cutting the avocado open, cut each half in two again, then peel the skin away from each wedge. Easy peasy. The best part is that you don’t lose any nutrients, which are most concentrated in the flesh just below the skin.

4) There have been a million recommendations on how to keep avocado from turning brown: from rubbing olive oil on it or dipping it in lemon-scented water. We just have to give up the ghost on this one. The truth is nothing will keep your avocado from turning brown unless you have one of those vacuum pack sealers that suck out all the oxygen.

The best tip I can give you is to look past the browning – that’s just a natural result of exposure to oxygen, and it doesn’t actually affect the flavor if you’re using your avocado within one to two days of opening.

FAQs on how to grow avocado

🥑 How long does it take for an avocado tree to bear fruit?

If you grew your tree from an avocado pit, it won’t produce fruit until it’s at least 10 years of age, and you may need to hold as long as 15 years. And if you planted a tree from a nursery, the tree should start to create a harvest following three or four years.

🥑 Can you grow avocados indoors?

Truly, you can. Avocado growing indoors is fun and simple. Growing avocados in containers indoors likewise require bright light.

🥑 How do you get an avocado seed to sprout?

Wash the seed. Utilizing three toothpicks, suspend its wide end down over a water-filled glass to cover about an inch of the seed. Put it in a warm spot out of direct daylight and recharge water as needed. You should see roots and stem sprout in around two to about a month and a half.

🥑 Does an avocado seed need sunlight?

Indeed! Like bananas, avocado plants flourish in full sun. They will endure some shade, however, pruned indoor plant containers usually need the most splendid spot you can discover. In case you’re starting from a seed, the seed can be kept on a splendid windowsill until roots structure, and the primary leaves rise.

🥑 How many times a year does an avocado tree bear fruit?

It is feasible for an avocado tree to create 200 to 300 fruits for each tree once it is around 5 to 7 years old. The avocado, however, alternate bears. This implies the tree may give a large crop one year, and afterward will create a small crop the next year.

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