How many calories do you burn when you sleep [Easy Guide]

How many calories do you burn when you sleep

Now we all know that we need at least 8 hours of rest or good solid sleep at night. So that our bodies have time to rejuvenate, repair themselves and so there’s a lot going on while we’re sleeping at night. And in order for us to be able to function and to rejuvenate, repair, build those muscles back up after a really hard workout we’ve got to burn calories. So exactly how many calories do you burn when you sleep? let’s get right into this article.

Well, take an average woman weighing about 135 pounds although it may not sound like a lot she’s burning 56 calories an hour. Do the math: over 8 hours, 448 calories in 8 hours. So that’s the good news. You’re still burning calories.

What about a guy. Well, about 190 pounds he can burn about 80 calories an hour. So again 640 calories in 8 hours.

Total calories you can burn when you sleep:

Total calories you can burn when you sleep
  • For a 100 pound person – for eight hours of sleep which is optimal 42 calories burned in an hour. Whenever you do that math 0.42 times 100. So that’s gonna be 336 calories for eight hours of sleep.
  • The next one a 150-pound person – 63 calories burned in an hour for a total of 504 calories at night.
  • A 200-pound person – 84 calories burned in an hour for a total of 672 calories for an eight-hour sleep.
  • Now we’re getting a little higher 250-pound person – you’re gonna burn 105 calories an hour for a total of 840 calories for the entire night.
  • And last but not least if you were carrying 300 pounds of weight you could potentially lose up to 126 calories an hour for a grand total of yes 1008 calories. This is pretty amazing but apparently, our body has to use energy to keep our vital organs working while we’re asleep.

The time where you burned the most calories is in REM sleep which is the rapid eye movement and that’s that our deepest sleep. So that’s why they say it’s important to get you’re eight hours.

It’s not only important just for your overall health but if you’re trying to lose some extra pounds and burn some extra calories apparently you know getting your REM sleep is one of the best things and easiest ways to lose calories or burn fat.

Now don’t think that that means you can just sleep 12 hours and just think that’s gonna happen because actually once you get past that optimal that is seven to nine hours that you would need every night which is pretty standard guideline stuff that it actually is the reverse, then your body you know your metabolism
actually slows down and your energy isn’t being used so you’re not burning as many calories.

So with that being said, I hope you got a lot of this article just ran down from 100 pounds to 300 pounds remember you just multiply 0.42 times your pounds. So I hope you enjoyed this article a little something different and hopefully, now you know you can work on getting deeper sleep and getting that eight hours a night that you need. Hence if you’re wanting to burn some extra fat this is a good way to do it.

5 easy ways to burn fat while you’re asleep

5 easy ways to burn fat while you're asleep

Did you know that most people today have several mini-meals each day? Yep, it’s actually true. Following that thought, it’s safe to say that the longer you stay up the more calories you consume. In other words, it’s better to get more sleep if you’re looking for simple ways to lose weight.

But you know what’s the best part though? You can further burn calories and fat while you sleep with just some small tweaks to your daily habits.

Wouldn’t life be extra great if you could burn fat while catching some shut-eye? Well lucky for us we can make this happen.

Learn about the five ways you can burn fat while sleeping by continuing to read this article.

1. Eat small at night

Eat small at night to burn more calories when you sleep

It’s not recommended for you to hit the sack starving. That said it also doesn’t help to sleep completely stuffed.

Eating a large meal before bed will make your body work in digesting it which in turn will also work you up. The later you go to bed the less rest you’ll have and you’ll end up feeling groggy when you wake up, making you reach for calorie-dense food.

So if you eat at night keep it small and consume your meal at least an hour or two before sleeping.

2. Drink a casein shake

Drink a casein shake

Proteins are known for their rapidly absorbing nature which means they’re not as effective before you go to bed. So, why not drink a casein protein instead to boost your overnight fat-burning?

Casein is a protein that’s gradually digested meaning it’ll take around six to eight hours for your body to break it down. Consequently, your metabolism will be active throughout the night so you’ll wake up feeling energetic not starving.

3. Take a hot shower

Take a hot shower before you go to bed

A hot shower is excellent at putting you to a good night’s sleep. As it helps alleviate tension and relax sore muscles. Moreover, it can boost your oxytocin levels which is a love hormone released by the brain and a soothing one at that.

The heat will also lift your body temperature causing a quick drop in temp when you get out of the shower and dry off, a dip that relaxes your whole system.

Likewise a hot bath also has the same effect, so either way is good.

4. Sleep cold

Sleep cold

Colder temperatures subtly improve the effectiveness of a person’s stores of brown fat. Brown fats keep you warm by helping you burn the fat lumped in your belly.

Furthermore, a study has suggested that simply blasting the air-conditioner may help you burn some fats while you’re asleep.

5. Do away with the night light

Do away with the night light to burn calories when you sleep

Exposure to late at night gets in the way of having a great night’s sleep. Based on a recent study it was also found out that night light can result in weight gain. The same study had an experiment regarding this and the result was astounding.

People who slept without lights on were 21% less likely to be obese than those study subjects sleeping in the lightest troops.

So what are your thoughts? Surely you can easily pull off all of those tips. If you know other fat-burning hacks while sleeping leave them in the comments below. Let’s burn those fats away together. Thanks for reading till the end!

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