How To Ask For Signs From The Universe (3 Easy Steps)

How To Ask For Signs From The Universe (3 Easy Steps)

In this article, I’m going to be sharing with you how you can start to ask for signs from the universe to get guidance in your life. So if you’re into that, be sure to read until the end of the article so that you can find out how you can start to get guidance.

I’ve been communicating with the universe and my guides for over a year now and it honestly never ceases to amaze me how much reassurance and support I get when I ask for it.

So if you guys didn’t know, I have recently left my full-time job in order to pursue entrepreneurship and my soul’s work full time. And when I made that decision back in December 2021 there was one day when I decided to ask the universe aside if I was going to make the right move.

So I asked the universe to show me 1111 if leaving my job and pursuing my soul’s work was the right thing for me to do and I kid you not, it absolutely blew my mind, when I casually opened an email at the lodge and I received the following, which is an email with the coupon code saying XMAS 1111.

So I just know that the universe responds to us when we set the intention.

I’ve also manifested my dream apartment, which I got another 1111 sign for, and also over the last week when I wanted more confirmation that I am growing and developing spiritually that I am on the right spiritual path. I got a bunch of ones to confirm this.

So this stuff absolutely works when you set the intention and you hold onto it.

Communicating with the universe helps you feel supported along your journey, received confirmation on your impending manifestations, make decisions when you’re at crossroads and ultimately this helps to connect you to the infinite.

And it reminds you that there’s a much higher intelligence at play guiding you towards your highest good.

So let’s jump into the steps on how you can start to ask the universe for signs.

3 Easy Steps To Ask For Signs From The Universe

1. Set clear intentions about your signs when you ask from the universe

Set clear intentions about your signs when you ask from the universe

Set clear intentions about the sign you want to see from the universe, what the sign means for you and when you want to see it. Now, this is a lot like manifestation.

If you’re not clear and specific, the universe does not know what to show you and as a result of that, it will show you anything.

So you have to decide what is that sign you want to see? Now the sign can be anything that you want. It can be a number sequence. As for me, I love 1111 it can be a symbol, it can be a plant, it can be an animal, it can be whatever you want.

The important thing about your sign is that it should be something that is rather unique. For example, you don’t want to choose a red stop sign when you know that there’s one right outside your house and that you’re going to run into it every single day.

So you want a sign that is meaningful for you but also unique and once you have that, you want to really ground yourself and set the intention.

The way that I like to do this is as simple as the dear universe, I would really like your help to help me decide whether or not, for example, to leave my full-time job and pursue my soul’s work.

If, I should do this. Please show me the sign, 1111 within the next 24 hours. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. Something as simple as this and you guys can take this and do this in whichever way suits you.

But the idea here is to get very specific about what your sign is, what it means for you, and when you want to see it.

2. Let it go and stay high vibe

Let it go and stay high vibe

Now what I mean by that is that just like manifestation, once you have set your intention, let it go and go about your day, go have fun, go enjoy yourself, and maintain high vibrations.

Now the idea here is to make sure that you’re doing things that bring you joy, that you’re really having a great time, and that you’re letting it go, you’re not obsessing over whether or not your sign is going to show up.

Because if you do that, not only are you going to stress yourself out, but you are going to lower your energetic vibration because you’re identifying with emotions of stress, doubt, uncertainty, etc.

So here it’s really about staying present, staying high vibe, doing the things that bring you joy, Not allowing things to draw you down.

And once you maintain that energetic vibration, the universe will naturally present you your sign if it’s meant to be shown to you.

3. Listen to the intuitive nudges

Listen to the intuitive nudges

When the universe is ready to show you your sign, you will receive the subtle notions of turn to your right or turn to your left or look up, look down, pull out your phone and check your email.

The universe will be communicating with you in order to get you to notice the signs. So really pay attention to these nudges.

If you feel the urge to do something, follow that because chances are the universe is guiding you towards your sign.

4. Act on your sign or act on the lack of your sign

Act on your sign or act on the lack of your sign

Okay, let’s understand about acting on your sign first. So if you have asked the universe to give you a sign that you’re doing the right thing, you’re on the right path and you get it, great job. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

If you’re asking the universe for a sign about making a certain decision and the universe gives you that side, then actually go and make that decision.

When you are being wishy-washy. If you have asked the universe or something and they have said yes and you’re like, oh, but are you really sure? Should I really do that? Then you are going to once again, lower your energetic vibration, my friend, which will then put you out of sync in your communication with the universe.

So it’s really important that you act on the signs that you have asked for from the universe.

Now, on the other hand, you guys may be wondering, okay, but what if within 24 hours or 48 hours or however much time you guys have asked for that you don’t see your sign, what happens then? Then take that as an indication of the opposite.

So for example, if you are asking for making a decision of let’s say leaving your job right and you don’t receive that sign, then take the lack of the sign as the sign, meaning that maybe right now it’s just not the time for you to do that.

You have to actually act on the guidance that you receive. Because I know a lot of the times and even for me, that happened at the beginning where I’m like, oh, are you really sure? Let me ask again. And I was being wishy-washy.

So it’s extremely important that once you receive your sign or you don’t get your sign that you actually take action about it.

A huge part of this is really to trust your gut, to trust her instincts. And to trust that first impression that you have, especially when it comes to, is that really my sign?

If your intuition is telling you that, hey, is your song right here, then take it. Don’t overthink it, because your initial response will always be the correct response that the Universe is guiding you towards, and after that is where your ego-mind kicks in, and all the doubt and the uncertainty and the questioning will start to happen.

So really trust your gut as to whether or not you have received your side.

That’s all I have for you guys in this article. I hope you guys take this information, go out there, and start to ask for signs from the universe and get the guidance that you need.

Be sure to let me know in the comments how it goes and if you enjoyed this article share it with your friends. Stay light and shine bright my friends.

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