How to be less sensitive [3 Practical things to follow]

how to be less sensitive

How to be less sensitive? The amount of success one sees in life has a direct correlation with their level of sensitivity.

If you are someone who gets bothered by every little obstacle that pops up then you’re gonna spend a lot of mental energy on these things, which ends up distracting you from the bigger things that you should actually be doing.

You’ll also find yourself plagued with negative emotions that drain your energy preventing you from taking action. This is why in this article I want to go over three practical things that you can do to decrease your level of sensitivity and be less sensitive.

3 Practical things to do to be less sensitive

1. Adopt an antifragility mindset to be less sensitive

Adopt an antifragility mindset to be less sensitive

Starting off at number one you can adopt an antifragility mindset. Something that is antifragile gets stronger the more it’s damaged or placed under pressure.

A great example of this is the mythical hydra. Every time you cut off one head, two grow back in its place.

A person that has an antifragility mindset is essentially someone who becomes stronger the more mistakes he or she makes and if you think about it this is actually pretty accurate. Because one of the most powerful ways to learn something is by making a painful mistake.

The pain brands the lesson in your mind for the rest of your life making your instinct sharper and your decision-making wiser.

Those that have the opposite of this, those that have the fragility mindset end up moving throughout life so carefully to the point where they will self-sabotage themselves from succeeding because they are so scared of making a mistake along the way and being labeled as a failure.

What they don’t understand is that it’s good to fail. It only makes you stronger. This means the faster you fail the faster you eventually succeed.

In order to cultivate this belief, you can simply repeat something like messing up only makes me stronger. Every time you make a mistake and over time with enough repetitions, you will start to believe it and everything will become a win-win situation.

2. Build a habit of meditation

Build a habit of meditation to be less sensitive

The second thing you can do to be less sensitive is to build up a habit of meditation. Very few people can honestly say that nothing ever bothers them.

However, the intensity of the negative emotions that you feel and the duration of how long you feel them is definitely something that you can change and this all depends on how much control you have over your own thoughts.

When something bad happens to us we usually start thinking about it replaying and reliving it in our heads dozens of times over often over exaggerating just how bad we did and this causes us to feel worse and worse over time.

But if you manage to build up a habit of meditation you will gain the ability to step back and distance yourself from such thoughts.

Over time you will even be able to manually insert thoughts into your thinking such as the antifragility ones. Imagine being embarrassed about what you said to someone and worrying about it all day, but then being able to step back and say: wait! It’s good that I made this mistake.

All of a sudden you’ve transformed an evening of worry and self-pity into an evening of hope, where you feel like you learned a valuable lesson. That’s the power of meditation.

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3. Zooming Out

Zooming Out

Finally, the third way to become less sensitive is by zooming out. Most of you are currently zoomed in, you’re looking at your life through a microscope.

You might be focusing on your school, your work, or even your home environment. It doesn’t really matter. Because as long as you are looking at things through this microscope, problems that appear in these environments will always seem big.

Little drama between who dislikes who or he said, she said, end up becoming huge issues in your life taking up 25 to 50% of your daily mental energy. Because when you’re that zoomed-in they literally take up that much space.

To counter this you must zoom out and the easiest way to do this is by spending time thinking about how small you are in the grand scheme of things.

I like to envision myself as a teeny tiny ant on a planet in a universe of trillions and trillions of stars, I also like to think about how many people there are on this planet and how each of them has their own lives and their own problems, many of which are much more serious than mine.

The more you think about things like this the more you start to realize how small and insignificant you are compared to everything else.

You start to realize wow all of these things that I used to worry about all day are nothing in the big scheme of things.

Try to zoom out as much as possible and you will become less sensitive which is why this article was brought to you.

Let me know in the comments down below which one of these 3 you want to start or work on today and besides that guys stay tuned.

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