How to get a bigger and stronger back [4 Quick Exercises]

how to get a Bigger and Stronger Back

In this article, we are going to show you some workout routines that will help you to get a bigger and stronger back.

When it comes to back training, the most common error is doing too many isolation exercises and failing to address all of the back musculature, which includes both superficial and deep muscles. The trapezius, which has an upper and lower component, the rhomboids, latissimus dorsi or lats, and the erector spinae are the four primary muscles that make up the majority of the back and are the ones we want to focus on building.

We want to focus on these muscles as well since they will strengthen our shoulder via stability and also create an aesthetic appeal, and I believe that most of us desire the following when it comes to constructing a bigger and stronger looking back:

  1. Large but not overdeveloped upper traps for thickness.
  2. Strong, wide lats that extend down load to achieve the elusive v-taper.
  3. Thickness in the mid-back from strong lower traps and rhomboids.
  4. Clear development and separation in the teres major and infraspinatus muscles.
  5. A well-defined Christmas tree structure in the lower back created by the erector spinae.

We can achieve these features and train all these muscles by choosing the right exercises to include in our back workouts. In this article, I’m going to go through a back workout consisting of four of the best back-building exercises based on current scientific literature and our anatomical understanding of the back muscles.

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4 Exercises to get a bigger and stronger back

1. Front lever Raise

Front lever Raise

The first and the hardest one is the front lever raise. If you aren’t able to do this exercise with complete extended legs, you can adapt the difficulty to your level by simply changing the lever.

If the full lever race is too hard do one leg level raises, if this is also too hard do the Tuck version. It’s also possible to do full room level raises or to stop in the horizontal position.

When you do the lever raises always let your arms extend it, don’t betray yourself by bending your arms.

Pull your shoulder blades down and bring them together. The strength comes from your back and shoulders and not from your biceps.

It’s also important to do it without momentum. Control the movement the whole time without swinging.

The last mistake you should avoid is a band hip. If you’re not strong enough don’t cheat by decreasing the lever by raising your legs.

Extend your spine and your legs as much as possible. Your body should be straight as a ruler and under complete tension.

2. Pull ups workout to get a bigger and stronger back

Pull ups workout to get a bigger and stronger back

The next exercise in this routine is to pull up. Here you can also vary the difficulty for your current level of performance.

If normal pull-ups are quite easy for you, you can work with the additional weight, if not you can make the exercise easier by using a resistance band or by placing your feet on a box.

When you do pull-ups always try to pull your shoulder blades down walk and together and try to bring your chest to the bar.

Always aim for a full range of motion and don’t use any momentum like swinging and kicking.

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3. Body row workout to get a bigger and stronger back

Body row workout to get a bigger and stronger back

The next exercise is the body row. Here you can adjust the difficulty by placing the body more vertical or more horizontal. The more vertical the easier, the more horizontal the harder it gets.

Always aim for straight body and bring your shoulder plates together when you do move.

As well as with the pull ups avoid any kind of half wrapping and don’t lose your body tension.

4. Arch Up exercise

Arch Up exercise

The last exercise is the arch up. Here you should aim for a complete extension of your posterior chain.

Tuck your chin, place your arms in a u-shape and bring your shoulder blades together.

Do the movement slow and controlled instead of as quick as possible.

If you do these four exercises constantly you will be able to build up a strong and muscular back.

So, do you know any other effective exercises for a broader back? Let me know down in the comments!

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