How to improve SEO rankings of your WordPress website using this 10-point SEO checklist

how to improve seo rankings

Are you looking for an SEO guide on how to improve SEO rankings that helps you to drive more traffic to your WordPress website? So here is a simple 10-point SEO checklist which is based on the principles we believe in here at WPbuzzlab. And this SEO checklist is applicable for sites like any business, eCommerce type, blogging and many more…

So without wasting much time let start with this 10-point SEO checklist which will help skyrocket your SEO rankings and outshine your competition.

If you’re new to SEO and don’t know how it works then go through the video…

How to use this 10-point SEO checklist? Just follow this guide step by step to your WordPress site and do your best with these checklists, which will be enough to outrank your SEO rankings.

So let’s get started one by one of the below SEO checklist.

10-point SEO checklist on how to improve SEO rankings

1) Where & how to use Keywords

How to use keywords for SEO

The best practice is to make sure the article or page you have uploaded for a particular topic must contain the targeted keyword in the title tag, URL of the post or a page, featured image URL and tag of the featured image, which will help Google or any search engine to crawl the page easily and rank better for the targeted keyword.

2) Optimizing images for SEO rankings

Optimizing image for improving seo rankings

Always use images which are relevant to the topic and try to add the focus keyphrase in the tags and the image URL. After adding right keyphrase to the images its time to resize & compress the images. Doing this simple thing with the images helps you optimize your page for SEO.

3) Keyword Density

Keyword density

Keyword density deals with the number of times a keyword shows up on a given webpage. So while writing the content for a page one thing you should keep in mind that the density of the keywords must be in the pattern of 1% of 100 words which is one time within 100 words and doing this makes a good keyword presence for the page’s SEO.

4) Content length

Content length for SEO

While writing content for a post or page you should be aware of the Google Panda’s update. After this update google makes the webpages suffer in SEO rankings that are having less than 200 words in the post. So to overcome this problem make sure your page or post’s content must be greater than or equal to 500 words to rank well in organic search.

5) Wikipedia broken link building

Wikipedia broken link building

Wikipedia is a great place to generate huge traffic for your webpages. So what you have to do is find out the Wikipedia pages with broken links, after you find out the relevant broken links which are suitable with your content just replace the link with your own. You can easily find the dead link from Wikipedia just by placing this string ‘ + keyword +”dead link”‘ in your Google search after replacing the keyword. Hence just by doing this, you can generate more traffic to your webpage.

6) Ping Submissions

ping submissions for faster indexing

Ping Submission helps you indexing your webpage on different search engines, directories, news, feed websites, and many others. So you have to just submit your site’s or a post link in Ping submission sites like Pingler, Pingfarm, Pingomatic and many more. This will help in fast indexing and generating high traffic to your website.

7) H1 & H2 Header tags

Header tags and their role in SEO

Basically there contains a range of six header tags H1 to H6 in HTML. But from these 6 header tags only two header tags H1 & H2 helps in SEO. So try to use only one H1 tag for the title of the webpage or post and the make the rest of the subheading H2. Also, you should write naturally with keywords in these headings and try to avoid keyword stuffing to play a safe game with SEO.

8) Videos to generate quick SEO result

Add videos to generate quick SEO result

Adding videos on the website helps in increasing your click-through rate and reduces bounce rates as people tend to stay longer on a page having a video. It also helps in creating quality backlinks. The best practice is to add the video in the first half of the page to lower the bounce rate. so start embedding video today for better SEO.

9) Use Pinterest to improve SEO rankings

How to improve SEO rankings using Pinterest

Try to use Social media for sharing your post publicly and one of the best platform to generate high traffic is Pinterest. It’s hard to believe, but Pinterest has a high conversion rate than any other social media and is one of the best social media platforms where you can promote your business.

10) Create rich snippets

How you can improve SEO rankings using Rich snippets

Generally, Rich snippets help search engine to understand what’s your page or article is about and is stored as structured data with the help of markups. These rich snippets help in presenting additional value to the search results in the form of images, reviews or any event details. Hence using rich snippets helps to boost your SEO rankings and generate high and quality traffic.

And that’s it…!!!

We hope this article helped you to improve SEO rankings of your WordPress Site. If you liked this article, then please share this. Feel free to comment if you need help with anything.

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