How To Quiet The Ego [Kundalini Meditation Ego Eradicator]

How To Quiet The Ego [Kundalini Meditation Ego Eradicator]

I’m so excited about this article because I’m going to be sharing with you one of my favorite Kundalini meditations called the ego eradicator to quiet your ego. The Ego Eradicator is perfect for busting away any limiting beliefs, low feelings, and the negative chatter of your ego.

And the best part is you’re going to get a big boost of positive energy. You’re going to get more mental clarity, strengthen up your aura to attract, and just get massive high vibes to continue the rest of your day. So if you’re into that, then be sure to keep on reading.

Step by Step Guide to Quiet Your Ego [Kundalini Meditation Ego Eradicator]

To begin find yourself in a comfortable seated position with your legs crossed. Placing your hands on your thighs.

Just take a nice deep inhale as you draw your shoulders up towards your ears and as you exhale down, just lowering your shoulders down and opening up your chest, broadening across your collarbones.

Lengthen Your Neck

Now the next part here is to lengthen your neck. So really create that space at the back of your neck and then gently bring your chin towards your neck.

So keeping your shoulders down throughout this entire meditation and keeping your neck long is going to be very important.

Now after that, let’s move on to the hand position.

Hand Position

Hand Position
(Image Source: YouTube – P.S. I’m Ella)

So just raising your hands up here for a second and you want to curl down your fingertips until your fingertips touch the pads of your palms here, you’re going to stretch out your thumbs and really hold your thumb out firmly.

Now on your next inhale, you want to extend your arms up at 60 degrees with your thumb pointing upwards. This is going to be the arm position throughout the entire meditation.

Now with your arms in this position, we are going to begin doing the breath of fire, which I will explain to you guys first.

Breath of Fire (Technique to quiet your ego)

So the breath of fire is basically breathing in and out through your nose rapidly at an equal amount and pumping your belly at the same time.

So you want your breath to really go to your belly and as you inhale, you want to feel the expansion of your belly. And as you exhale, you want to feel the contraction of your belly.

Breath of Fire (Technique to quiet your ego)
(Image Source: YouTube – P.S. I’m Ella)

Now what the breath of fire. If you are pregnant or you are on your menstrual cycle, be sure to avoid this and to trade it in for a long and deep breath.

If you are not pregnant and you are not on your menstrual cycle, then you can continue on.

And the same thing if you are feeling dizzy or nauseous at any point of doing the breath of fire, then be sure to switch on over to long and deep breathing as well.

So with that said, let’s bring our arms back up. We have our fingertips touching the pads of our hands, our thumbs out, and we are going to begin doing the breath of fire.

So here you want to close your eyes and just focus your attention on the top of your head.

And we are going to do the breath of fire for one to three minutes. So as you do this, you can feel the pumping motion of your belly going in and out and really focusing on equal amounts of inhaling and exhaling through your nose.

To end the practice, you’re going to inhale deeply and just draw your thumbs to touch your head. Here you’re going to stretch out holding your breath, and then when you’re ready, exhale opening out your hands and lowering your arms down.

So how was that? It wasn’t too bad, was it? So this is such a powerful practice to do and you can definitely start off with just one minute of practice and then build it up to gradually three minutes.

I highly recommend that you start your day off by doing this so that you can start your day off on a great high vibe note or even later in the afternoon if you need that extra energy boost.

This is going to totally do the trick for you. So I hope you enjoyed this short and sweet Kundalini Meditation Ego eradicator. If you did, then let me know in the comments below how this experience went for you. Stay light and shine bright my friends.

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