How to use a rod and reel combo [Detailed Guide]

How to use a rod and reel combo [Detailed Guide]

Rod and reel combos are perfect for newbies because they eliminate the guesswork involved in matching a rod to a reel. Once you have your combo rod and reel combo, it is vital that you learn how to use and operate it efficiently.

A detailed guide to using a rod and reel combo

Drag system

Drag system (using a rod and reel combo)

The drag system, which begins at the top of the spinning reel, is what adds or removes tension from your fishing line. The tension can be adjusted using the knob on the top of the spool.

This adaptability can come in handy when fighting fish. Loosen the drag and the fish will have more control. Tightening the drag provides you more control and strain on the line.


Spool (using a rod and reel combo)

The spool is located directly below the drag adjustment knob. This element, which is unique to your reel, is where you keep your fishing line.

When you reel, the line spins instead of the spool, preventing line tangling and enabling fluid casting and releasing.


Bail (using a rod and reel combo)

The bail fulfills two crucial purposes. One of the purposes is the casting trigger. You need to open or engage the bail so that the line will spool off correctly and you may cast your bait. The spinning reel bail’s second function is to maintain structure for simple casting and retrieval while preventing tangles.

You can change your spinning reel’s retrieve direction from right to left by unscrewing the knob on the opposite side of the handle.

Simply take out the spool, clean, and oil your reel as necessary when it’s time to do so.

Let’s go on to the rod now. Frequently, the most fragile component of the rod is the top. Additionally, it is the first area of the rod to twitch or vibrate when a fish takes the line. Keeping an eye on it is therefore crucial.



The rod’s guides, also known as eyelets, help the line move smoothly from the reel to the tip of the rod. When casting or retrieving, they lessen the likelihood of the line tangling.

Hook keeper

Hook keeper

A metal ring attached to the rod’s body called the hook keeper allows you to hang your lure there while not in use.

Reel seat

Reel seat

The reel seat refers to the location where the reel is connected to the rod. Most rods feature a fixed location for one end of the reel seat with a metal or plastic component that will screw up or down to lock the reel in place.

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FAQs on rod and reel combo

Which way does a reel go on a rod?

The right way to reel is forward, but make sure the spinning reel is pointing down. A conventional reel should always be used with the reel facing up. The crank should be turned forward. Never turn the reel in reverse.

Is it better to buy a rod reel combo or a separate one?

To save money and effort, a newbie angler should purchase a combo rather than researching various rod and reel sizes and designs separately.

Are rod and reel combos any good?

The rod and reel set that will work best for you is ultimately the finest choice. If you use a jig to catch crappie, you’ll be OK with a spinning rod and reel set. For experienced fishermen wishing to improve their skills, baitcasters are ideal.

How do you pick a fishing rod and reel?

Consider the type of lures or bait you’ll be casting while deciding on a fishing reel. Smaller lures and baits work well on spinning reels in general, whereas heavier lures work better on baitcasters. The rest is basically a matter of preference.

Are reels more important than rods?

The rod is the most crucial part of fishing tackle and should be carefully chosen depending on your fishing style and budget. Casting, lure action, and fish battling is all done with the rod.

How do I know what size reel to get?

Choosing the proper reel size is as simple as figuring out what size fishing line you plan to use the majority of the time. Smaller reels are better to buy if you want to utilize a lighter line. The maximum strength and diameter that can be utilized on a spinning reel is ten pounds test line.

What is the difference between a spinning and casting fishing pole?

One particular kind of fishing rod that comes in a variety of sizes, from a light action to a medium and a sturdy spinning rod, is the spinning rod. A casting rod is a special kind of fishing rod that bends over as the fish pulls the lines, causing the eyelets to point upward.

What size reel do I need for a 10-foot rod?

Choosing a fishing rod to match this size reel: 7000 or 70 is a fishing reel size appropriate for rods such as boat fishing rods (spin versions), 10 or 12-foot beach rods, or even 8-9 foot general purpose rods.

What is a combo in fishing?

A rod and reel are offered together as a combination. The spinning rod and reel are often made by the same company, however, it is possible that a retailer will combine a fishing rod from one company and a reel from another.

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