5 Simple Tips to get rid of lower belly fat [for women]

rid of lower belly fat

lower belly fat which often includes the deep visceral fat that surrounds your vital organs can be tough to get rid of. Simply doing crunches and sit-ups will tone the underlying muscles but those exercises are not effective for lower belly fat reduction. let’s talk about this in detail.

Hey, friends so in this article, we’re going to talk about how to get rid of the lower belly fat for women. So excessive belly fat is a predictor for heart disease, type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. So it’s nothing to mess around with.

If diet and exercise haven’t done much to help kind of reduce that belly pooch then it could be your hormones, it could be your age, it could be genetic factors maybe those are the reasons why you’re kind of struggling with that.

5 Tips to get rid of lower belly fat for women

So let’s talk about some tips on how to get rid of lower belly fat.

1. We want to embrace healthy whole food nutrition.

eat healthy whole food nutrition

So choosing unrefined fruits, vegetables and lean proteins are really the keys to reducing the lower belly. We really want to steer clear of those simple carbohydrates such as white bread, refined pasta and sugary drinks.

Because all those are going to do is this ain’t going to increase storing extra fat and that is what we’re going to try to get rid of as getting rid of that extra fat.

2. You need a calorie deficit to lose weight.

You need a calorie deficit to rid of lower belly fat

So you need to burn more calories than you’re consuming, so if you burn 2500 calories per day and you’re only taking in 2000 you’ve got to create that deficit of about 500 calories per day to start losing weight.

So that’s something to think about “am I working in a caloric deficit every day” that’s what’s going to help you start dropping those pounds.

3. You’re stressed.

not to stress

I know it’s hard not to be stressed nowadays with everything that happens in life but the higher the more stress you have the higher your cortisol levels are going to be and that has been linked to having more visceral fat which isn’t for a lot of people it’s going to kind of show up in the belly area.

4. Your workouts really aren’t challenging enough.

workout to get rid of lower belly fat for women

If you’ve been doing the same workout you’re kind of pit Plateau, you’re in the gym and you’re reading your book and you’re thinking about whatever and you’re not really kind of doing the mind-body connection and really getting into it that’s really not going to help with your fat loss and your weight loss.

So you really want to think about exercise into full intensity because in the end goal it’s all about burning more calories.

5. Last but not least exercise to get rid of the lower belly fat.

exercise to get rid of lower belly fat for women

So your lower belly may also be pooching because of underdeveloped abdominal muscles, maybe you’re just not really working them very much. There’s a lot of different reasons why your stomach could be pooching out.

So posture can be another one, maybe you’re eating foods that maybe you’re your gut just isn’t agreeing with. There are just so many different reasons but the main goal is what is looking at our diet, what can I do to start dropping pounds, every day making a change it’s really, in the long run, is what’s going to help you out.

So let’s go through just a couple of different exercises that can help strengthen the belly area because that’s always a good thing because like I said you can have a look, even some people who are slim could still have a pooch because you have maybe those muscles aren’t being engaged and they’re not being worked.

Exercise to get rid of lower belly fat for women

1. The first one we’re gonna start with V-Sit.

  1. So you’re just gonna sit on your butt with your hands behind you.
  2. You’re just gonna bring your knees up and you’re just gonna kick out.

So this is great because this is really targeting the lower belly area.

You can do these anywhere and you can do these on your bed, you can do these at the office or anywhere.

So this you can do maybe 30 to 45 seconds of work, take a 15-second break and do three to five rounds.

This is a great one to just kind of get things activated kind of warm things up.

Alright so once you’ve done that I usually like to do all of my rounds together.

I would take my 15-second break and then I would go into my second round and just think it keeps the muscle engaged a little bit longer it really kind of works that same system of muscles before I move on to the next exercise.

2. The next one is a Reverse Crunch.

  1. You’re just gonna lay on your back.
  2. You always want to think about keeping the backs of your calves as close to the backs of your legs as possible.
  3. You’re going to be pushing your hands down in the mat and you just want to think about rolling your knees up to your face and then rolling down, pulling up and rolling down.

This really all lowers out. So I’m just pulling and pushing my hands into the ground as I’m bringing my knees up towards my face.

Alright 30 to 45 seconds take your break go on to the next one.

3. Next is Scissors exercise to reduce lower belly fat.

  1. Once again we’re on our back.
  2. You can put your hands under your butt to kind of help protect your lower back.
  3. You’re just gonna raise up if you have lower back issues you want to probably brace up a little bit higher.
  4. You can do scissors by just kicking your feet up and down.

4. Next we’re going to do is a Slider Knee Tuck.

So what you’re gonna do is you’re just gonna put hand towel under your feet and the goal with this it’s really thinking about.

So when I’m in my plank position I want to think about my core holding like my feet close to the mat and pressing out.

Here I’m just really thinking about engaging the lower core, I’m kind of rounding my shoulders and pressing back and out.

5. Last is Mountain Climbers.

This you can do with or without the hand towel. I actually prefer using them.

So it’s kind of the same idea but we’re getting a little bit more metabolic here and this is where you’re just going to drive your knees in.

My shoulders are over my wrists and I’m just really driving my legs, my knees forward.

You have to do this for 45 seconds, 15 seconds of rest, three to five rounds.

So these are all great exercises to engage those lower decore stabilizers, all of those lower muscles that sometimes can be neglected.


Alright so the truth is we know we have to get rid of the extra weight, we need to think about embracing a healthier diet.

However you want to do that however you want to look at your diet we all know what the good foods are, we all know what the bad foods are. It’s making those critical choices, they’re gonna be good for you and your health and helping you lose weight and getting that caloric deficit.

Making sure we’re taking in less calories than we’re consuming per day, watching your stress levels I know it’s hard but it makes a big big difference.

Make your workouts challenging, push it to get in some cardiovascular workout four to five days a week 30 minutes maximum or minimum and getting your exercises in.

Okay, Friends, I hope this was helpful I know you can do this just take care of yourself work out hard thanks for joining me today.

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