Top 10 Places to Visit in Vietnam (Beautiful Destinations)

Best places to visit in vietnam

Vietnam has something for everyone, whether you’re in the middle of a town or out in the wilderness. This detailed Vietnam travel guide will tell you EVERYTHING about planning the perfect trip. Find out about the best places to visit in Vietnam, the most offbeat things to do in Vietnam, the bounties of nature in Vietnam like Halong Bay, and much much more.

These 10 fascinating places are must-do parts of any visit to Vietnam.

Top 10 places to visit in Vietnam

1. Dalat


With stellar scenery and colorful structures, Dalat once served as a summer retreat hub for Vietnamese and French rulers.

There are magnificent royal palaces once owned by royalty and among them is the Hằng Nga guesthouse. Inside there are clever structures like spider webs, animals, mushrooms, and even caves which is why it gained the informal nickname of the crazy house.

2. Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels

The Cu Chi tunnels are a place where Viet Cong troops once operated and communicated around ho chi Minh city.

The tunnel network spans over 250 kilometers and has two short sections that are open for tourism. There are also confined areas not suitable for claustrophobic explorers.

At the narrow part, you have to crawl to pass through. Once you do you get to see the beautiful endpoint of either ben Dinh village.

3. Ho Chi Minh City

 Ho Chi Minh City

Did you know that Ho Chi Minh city was once known as Saigon in the past? In 1975 Saigon lost against the north and its name was changed to Ho Chi Minh city.

However, Vietnam still uses the former city’s name when talking about the town’s heartbeat. It has museums, temples, shopping districts, and fun parks.

There’s also a place called Saigon Skydeck where you can enjoy the spectacular 350-degree city landscape view.

If you’re curious about the city’s culture check out the reunification palace or independence palace where you can learn about the fall of Saigon.

4. Hue


Hue is famously known as one of Vietnam’s fascinating historical towns. It has a perfume river and the imperial enclosure both of which you can explore by taking a cruise bringing you across impressive royal tombs and pagodas.

You can also check out the beautiful interiors of Ngo Mon Gate or the Thai Hoa Palace or see where the queen mother resided at Dien Tho Residence.

In addition, you can visit gorgeous preserved murals and the halls of the mandarins.

5. Sapa


Sapa is remote countryside with a verdant rice field and fascinating deep valleys. There is a diverse culture with the Red Dao, the Zhuang, and the Giáy people.

Coming from Hanoi you have to drive at least four hours and then trek through villages and across mountains to get there.

6. Hanoi

Hanoi is the best place to visit in vietnam

This city is Vietnam’s official capital, Hanoi. In this busy place, you can meet lots of locals, pass through an alley full of street vendors and live as they do for a day.

For a brief background of the country’s history visit the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology and the Vietnam fine art museum.

7. Hoi An

Hoi an is the best place to visit in vietnam

Hoi An is a city that highlights well-preserved treasures of history. It is a beautiful destination to explore to see the old setup of Vietnam.

You can see the city’s old town quarter featuring authentic merchant houses that date back to the 15th century’s trading center’s heyday.

It was also the central meetup location of the Japanese and Chinese to hunt for local silks. You can visit the Japanese bridge at Tran Phu street and the old cities flourished temple, the assembly hall of the Fujian Chinese congregation.

8. My Son

My son is the best place to visit in vietnam

In the central coast section of Vietnam and around the corner from Duy Phú village is one of the most significant archaeological locations of the country.

my son, the site is among Southeast Asia’s prominent heritage treasures for its Hindu religious ceremonies and several sacred temples built for the god shiva’s devotees.

Its ancient ruins are also a spectacular spot to visit with decorative carvings, animal-shaped sculptures, mythical fights and inscriptions in Sanskrit, and old charm.

9. Phong Nha-ke bang national park

Phong Nha-ke bang national park

This world heritage site sports mountains and massive caverns that house impressive minerals such as stalactites and stalagmites.

Check out paradise cave which spans over 31 kilometers underground. Note that this is arduous caving so it’s good to be prepared.

There’s also Tu Lan Cave cave where you can swim in the cave systems river.

10. Halong bay

Halong bay is the best place to visit in vietnam

Halong bay holds Vietnam’s legendary trademark of limestone islands. You can go diving, rock climbing or even kayaking there.

If you want to go caving be sure to include Sung Sot (Surprise) Cave and Dau Go (Wooden Stakes) Cave, which both have astonishing treasures inside.

Vietnam has a diverse culture and world-class scenery. A trip here can be well appreciated. Which among these superb places in Vietnam will be your next destination to visit? comment below. We’re excited to hear which ones.

Thanks for reading travelers.

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