How to select the perfect WordPress free theme in 2022

select the perfect wordpress theme

Most learners feel overpowered with regards to selecting the perfect WordPress free theme for their site. There are a large number of free choices. Each theme looks superior to the next. So how would you pick the best free theme for WordPress? In this blog, we will share the best things you ought to consider, so you can pick the best free WordPress theme for your site.

Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to make sure that you select the best theme for your WordPress site.

Steps for selecting the perfect WordPress Free themes:

1. Search for your desired WordPress theme

Here we will show you how you can search for free WordPress themes from the WordPress theme directory.

So go to WordPress Theme Directory and search your desired keyword in the Search themes… box.

Wordpress Theme directory

You will get many options with the free theme but how to get the best from these themes is the most difficult part. So follow the below steps to find out the best and quality ones for you.

2. Select the one you like from the list of Themes

After selecting the theme you will be redirected to the theme page where you can get the brief about preview, version, updates, no. of installation and various metrics related to the theme. Make sure the theme you had selected must contain monthly updates and high ratings

On the theme page, you will find the Theme Homepage link. Click on that link to get the demo and other documentation about the theme.

Theme home page

This Theme homepage link will help you to learn more about the theme features with a demo and full theme documentation.

3. Finding out theme’s performance, accessibility & SEO

On the Theme Homepage, you will find a detailed description of the theme with the theme download button, documentation and a live demo.

Live demo for free WordPress theme

You have to click on the live demo and you will be redirected to the demo page of the theme. But how to decide whether the theme has better performance, accessibility & SEO. So we have got you a few steps where you can find whether the theme is best for you or not and to do this you have to get an audit for the theme first.

To get a full audit of the theme for free you have to right click on the demo page and click on the inspect links.

Inspect the demo page of theme

After clicking on the inspect on the right side of the theme you will find console and inspect elements but you have click on the forward icon and there you will find audits in the dropdown.

Audit of the theme

Click on the Audits and choose the device, so you can choose the mobile to make sure you get a mobile responsive theme audit and leave all other options as default and then click on Run Audits.

Run audit of the wordpress theme for free

4. Comparing Audit results with the default score scale

After running the audit you will get detailed metrics of the theme but the question is how to decide whether the theme is the best option for you or not.

Audit score for the theme demo

Also, one thing you should keep in mind while running an audit is to turn off all the extension or run the audit in incognito mode because the extension can affect the metrics.

To know whether the theme is the best choice for you or not, you have to check the score scale of each audit. The score scale of each audit should be greater than 50 to go with the theme. If the score scale is less than 50 then follow all the steps again till you don’t find the best theme.

After you find the perfect choice of theme for your site you can download the theme’s zip file from the Theme homepage and upload it to the add themes section of your WordPress dashboard and install it.

We hope this article helped you select the ideal theme for your WordPress site. If you liked this article, then please share this. Feel free to comment if you need help with anything.

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