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speed up your wordpress site

A quick site is much the same as breathing – it is something that we accept will work out of the case. Generally, most of the users prefer to browse sites which has better page stacking speed. So in this blog, I’ll help you narrow down which WordPress plugin is best for your site and how you can speed up your WordPress site in just a few clicks, installing a single plugin for free.

So without wasting much time, let’s get started with the plugin named Nitropack to boost up your WordPress site speed in seconds.

You can go through this video guide for detailed steps about this plugin configuration.

Here is the current page speed from Google page speed insights without installing Nitropack plugin. As you can see the desktop site speed is showing 51 which is very low and takes more than three seconds to load due to this 40 percent of the visitors will leave the website.

wordpress site speed without adding nitropack

Now go to https://nitropack.io/ and test your site for free. It will show the optimized speed score of your website which you will get in real after installing the plugin.

nitropack free site speed test

Here is the before and after Speed analysis :

  • Mobile: Before – 16, After – 93 Desktop:
  • Before – 52, After – 99
Before and after page speed analysis

So if your site is slow and taking too long to load then follow these steps one by one to improve your site’s speed.

Let’s improve it!

Steps to boost your WordPress site for free using Nitropack plugin:

1) You have to create an account on https://nitropack.io/ and login to access your Nitropack dashboard to start with the Nitropack.

nitropack signup

2) After Sign Up you have to download the Nitropack plugin, you can’t download it from the WordPress plugin directory. So Go to https://nitropack.io/download and click on Nitropack for WordPress and download it for free.

nitropack plugin download

3) After downloading the Nitropack plugin go to your WordPress site dashboard and upload this plugin file  (nitropack.zip) in the plugin > Add new plugin > Upload plugin and the install the plugin and activate it.

uploading nitropack plugin

4) Now in the Left of the dashboard menu go to setting and open Nitropack to configure the settings for improving the site’s speed.

open nitropack in wordpress

5) Now In the Nitropack configuration page, you have to add Site ID & Site Secret to start with the plugin.

nitropack site id and secret key

6) To get your site id and site secret go to Nitropack’s dashboard and click on Connect Your Website.

generating site id and secret key

7) Copy your Site Id and Site Secret and add it to your plugin dashboard.

8) After adding the site Id and site secret make sure you backup your WordPress site with any of the backup plugins (in case something goes wrong you had your backup!).

9) Now in the plugin dashboard go to the configuration tab & click on Ludicrous (Level of optimization) to activate it.

nitropack wordpress configuration

10) After activating Ludicrous Level click on purge cache and wait for few seconds to allow the plugin to make changes to the site.

nitropack purging cache

11) Just wait for few seconds after purging the cache and you will get a breathing speed in your WordPress site.

12) Go to the google page speed insights and check your page speed, you will see a sudden boost to your site speed just by going through a few steps.

after installing nitropack speed test result

And that’s it!

We hope this article helped you with improving your WordPress site’s speed. If you liked this article, then please share this. Feel free to comment if you need help with anything.

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