How to trim (cut) Cilantro Plant [Step by Step Guide]

trim cilantro

Hi, there in this article we are going to learn how to cut cilantro. It’s great that you have your Cilantro seed sprouting but what’s gonna happen is that some seeds are going to grow faster than others. So here I am going to show you how to trim the Cilantro that is going to grow faster than others.

If you’re a newbie to grow your own cilantro (coriander) then click here to follow the full step guide on how to grow cilantro

So here our cilantro is doing really well and it’s starting to take over, well you might consider that a little bit of a nuisance.

Think on the bright side that you have a glass-half-full and also the container half-full, that’s actually a perfect opportunity for some guacamole

So what you’re going to do is to harvest some of the cilantro it’s going to keep growing back and you’re gonna make sure that you harvest some out which is going to provide enough room for the sunlight to come down and allow your basil to thrive, allow your dill to catch up

Steps to Trim Cilantro

1. To start with trimming cilantro first you’re just going to gently pull back the cilantro.

We’re just going to start by clipping the bottom of the cilantro and just starting to separate some of the cilantro

trim cilantro

2. You can pick the outer ones and just with your scissors just trim them off near the base

3. You don’t want to trim off a full stock at the bottom you just want to trim off these individual arms that are coming up.

You can also find sorrel in there too and what you’re going to be doing is just providing some space.

4. So now we have room for our cilantro (that has not grown fully) to start to thrive also here’s a good opportunity for us to water our cilantro.

water cilantro

Make sure again that you’re watering the base of the plant right where they’re coming into contact with the soil because this still is a light plant, it’s pretty spindly.

5. If we were to put too much water too aggressively on the top of it there’s a chance that we would knock it down.

So you can water your dill and Cilantro, spray your basil, give that a good shot too and now you have some delicious fresh cilantro and room for your basil and dill to grow.

Alright, now that you’ve cut back your cilantro there’s more room for your dill and your basil to grow.

If your cilantro starts to encroach on them again it’s another opportunity for you to harvest some fresh cilantro whatever your meal you’re making that night.

Make sure that you’re putting your garden back outside in an area that gets full Sun.

And if you want you can even orient your garden so that your basil and your dill will be facing the Sun directly and they’ll start to catch up with your cilantro.

That’s it happy harvesting. And please share your experience with us on how you trim your cilantro.

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