Top 10 Whale Watching places to visit in North America

best whale watching places in North America

These massive and beautiful mammals are always worth the trip. For this Whale Watching list, we’re looking at the best places across North America to see whales in their natural splendor this year.

We’re basing our choices on a mix of varieties and sheer numbers of whales, as well as the unique sights that each location has to offer. Be sure to read all the way to number 10 as it may surprise you.

Top 10 Whale Watching places

1. Glacier Bay (Alaska)

Glacier Bay (Alaska)

The Icy landmark of Alaska has blue whales that inhabit its ocean waters. Around June to August is the best time to check out glacier bay for that very reason.

The whales you can see at the site actually come all the way from Japan. Make sure to take a cruise on the crystal clear waters of the bay, so that you can see whale species like minke, orca, and humpback.

2. Laguna San Ignacio (Mexico)

Laguna San Ignacio (Mexico)

In Mexico, there’s a small town called San Ignacio, while there are no whales in the town itself it has the best route to reach the marvelous laguna San Ignacio, located in El Vizcaino whale sanctuary.

It highlights a lagoon where explorers can see amazing pacific gray whales that primarily inhabit the freezing waters.

You can look forward to the tranquility and wilderness plus the whales cruising the lagoon are approachable and friendly to guests.

3. Grand Manan Island (Canada)

Grand Manan Island (Canada)

If you are a fan of discovering endangered creatures head over to nova scotia and look for Grand Manan Island, a natural haven for whale species that are at risk of extinction. Specifically, there are finback, minke, and humpback whales.

You can also have fun looking at the stellar panoramic green views that conceal the northern Atlantic region.

4. Santa Barbara California

Santa Barbara California

Santa Barbara California is a perfect site to see whales, in fact, whale watching can be one of the most thrilling recreational activities to do there.

Be sure to plan your visit from February to September as within those months you can see gray whales, humpback whales, and minke whales.

5. Bar Harbor (Maine)

Bar Harbor (Maine)

For a legitimate and well-known whale watching destination check out bar harbor in Maine. It captivates explorers with its whales that inhabit the icy waters.

In addition to the whales, you can see Atlantic puffins. You can also check out bar harbor’s iconic vessel which is the largest of its kind in North America.

6. Sayulita (Mexico)

Sayulita (Mexico) - Best Whale watching place to visit

If you want something adventurous with a tranquil vibe Sayulita in Mexico is the place. It is an ideal getaway for whale encounters.

Explorers can observe humpbacks during their breeding season. Another great highlight is the Sierra Madre occidental mountains which feature their legendary indigenous Huichol heritage.

7. Tadoussac (Canada)

Tadoussac (Canada) - Best Whale watching place to visit

Tadoussac Canada is a little town with less than a thousand citizens. At this secluded place, you can see giant whales and other mammals along the shoreline without crowds.

You can even see the historical migration of whales and have the chance to spot some bizarre whale species.

8. Cabo San Lucas (Mexico)

Cabo San Lucas (Mexico) - Best Whale watching place to visit

Cabo San Lucas is a prominent beach paradise at a national level and is in the global rankings. To make your visit an unforgettable one head over during the winter season and try out the whale watching tour. It’s the perfect activity for that season.

You will be able to see Cabo’s whale species and their legendary migration.

9. Long Island (New York)

Long Island (New York) - Best Whale watching place to visit

Historically whales crossed new york harbor for an extended period but they can no longer reach the area because of disruptive pollution.

However environmental laws have become more strict and nature has had a chance to revive its natural beauty. Based on the national geographic’s report the surroundings improved because of massive development in 2011.

Now you can enjoy a whale watching tour in new york city.

10. Maui (Hawaii)

Maui (Hawaii) - Best Whale watching place to visit

Maui Hawaii has a place called valley isle which is a pathway towards the humpback whale national marine sanctuary.

There you can see the incredible sight of over 10000 humpback whales. You may also get to witness the birthing process of humpback claves plus their progress in learning how to master flipping and splashing in the water.

As you engage yourself with wildlife don’t forget marine creatures. Whale watching is a kind of adventure that can make you appreciate them even more. Which of these fantastic whale watching destinations in North America will you choose to see whales? Comment below, we are excited to hear which ones.

Thanks for reading travelers. Happy Whale Watching!

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