5 Best free WordPress sales funnel plugins to create a profitable business

wordpress sales funnel plugins

Looking for WordPress plugins for your sales funnel that is meant to significantly boost conversions? In this blog, we’ve listed the best 5 WordPress sales funnel plugins which will help your campaigns to drive traffic, increase sales & generate quality leads. These plugins will make it quick and easy to deploy all sorts of conversion-focused features like creating landing pages, forms, popups, sending emails and adding tracking code.

When it comes to linking social-media ads, Google ads, or any other marketing campaigns most of the digital marketers go with the web site’s homepage or even a contact page, but it’s time to stop that out and explore the power of landing pages. Landing pages are designed just to drive traffic and they are clean in design throughout the entire sales funnel so that it helps in boost conversions.

Don’t know what is a sales funnel? Click the video and find out a detailed explanation about the sales funnel…!

What to look in the WordPress sales funnel plugins while creating a profitable sales funnel?

Here is the list of things you should look into your WordPress sales funnel plugins while installing it.

1) ability to design attractive and high converting landing pages.
2) Creating a contact form to capture leads.
3) Sending Emails after getting leads.
4) tracking converted leads.

Remembering these things, we’ve handpicked the best WordPress sales funnel plugins listed below:

5 Best Free WordPress Sales Funnel Plugins

1. Elementor – WordPress Page Builder

Elementor - WordPress Page Builder for WordPress sales funnel plugins

The first thing to do after designing a sales funnel is to create a landing page to interact with the user and when it comes to design an attractive Landing page you need a page builder plugin in WordPress. Elementor is the best free WordPress page builder plugin, that gives you a chance to make inviting Landing pages in the simplest and fastest way imaginable without any knowledge of coding.

2. Contact Form 7 – Contact Form Plugin

Contact Form 7 - Contact Form Plugin

The main part of the sales funnel is to gather leads and this can be done with the help of contact form 7 plugin. Using this plugin you can create sign up form where user can submit their details. Contact form 7 includes various options like basic form fields, mail delivery options, different validation messages and many more integrations for free.

3. Popup Maker – Popup & Marketing Plugin for WordPress

Popup Maker - Popup & Marketing Plugin for WordPress

The best practice while creating a landing page is to create a sign-up popup trigger on clicking a button instead of adding the contact form directly on the landing page which helps in increasing the number of leads. So Popup Maker is the best popup plugin Where you can create popups easily. With this plugin, you can create click triggers and Auto open triggers popups. It also supports Contact Form 7 to add form fields in the popups using the shortcode.

4. WP mail SMTP – best WordPress SMTP plugin 

WP mail SMTP -  best WordPress SMTP plugin

To communicate with the leads you need a plugin which helps in delivering emails smoothly. WP Mail SMTP plugin fixes your email deliverability by reconfiguring WordPress to utilize an appropriate SMTP supplier when sending Emails. Hence you can send your emails easily using contact form 7 mail option after configuring WP mail SMTP settings.

5. AddFunc Head & Footer Code

AddFunc Head & Footer Code to track your leads in wordpress sales funnel plugin

You need tracking scripts to track your leads and this tracking code needs to be placed in the header file. And this can be done easily with AddFunc Head & Footer Code plugin where you can integrate the tracking code to the header or footer of any individual page or sitewide easily.

And that’s it…!!! Enjoy your Sales Funnel with this WordPress plugins.

We hope this article helped you to find the best WordPress plugins to create a profitable sales funnel. If you enjoyed this article, then please share it. Feel free to comment if you need help with anything.

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